Coffee Island: Edible Coffee Cup

Coffee Island - Edible Cup

Following the trend, but also the need to reduce single-use cups, Coffee Island presents the first edible cup in the form of a cookie, an option that will soon be included in all stores in its network.

This innovative alternative aims to significanty reduce the company’s environmental footprint, contributing to a better and sustainable future.

The new “cup” is tasty, vegan and healthy, suitable for cold and hot drinks, stays crisp for at least 40′, weighs no more than a cookie and has only 56 calories.

It should be noted that the Coffee Island network lists 491 stores in Greece, Cyprus and abroad:

• Canada (Toronto)
• Switzerland (Yverdon)
• 2 stores in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
• Romania (Bucharest)
• London (city center and the northern suburbs.
• 3 stores operate in Egypt (Cairo), while 2 more are under construction and are expected to open soon.

• 49 stores in Cyprus