Deliblossoms Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed with Rice

Zucchini stuffed bloosoms

A rare delicacy, zucchini blossoms, “kolokythokorfades” or zucchini flowers stuffed with rice are just delicious. Deliblossoms uses the zucchini flower which blossoms only once and is harvested early in the morning before it closes and withers. Its color is vibrant and unique and it is very sensitive to cold. There are many ways to cook them throughout Greece, with rice, cheese, minced meat, omelette, fried or grilled. The perfect traditional Greek appetizer, made with love and top-tier ingredients and ready to be enjoyed at every occasion! Simply warm the Deliblossoms Zucchini Blossoms for 1 minute on a microwave and serve with Greek yogurt on the side. They come in two sizes and two different versions: 400g & 1,500g Fully Cooked and 400g & 1,500g Frozen.

About Deliblossoms

Deliblossoms is a Greek company, located in the heart of Northern Greece, in Thessaloniki. Founded in 2012 by Mrs Stavroula, the company produces traditional recipes with fresh and healthy ingredients from the Greek land. The products are made daily and wrapped by hand in order to ensure that consumers get the highest quality and finest taste.
The band’s love for history and tradition is translated to delicious “meze” such as dolmadakia, zucchini blossoms, rice stuffed cabbage leaves and vine leaves that the produce.
Deliblossoms use the latest technology for the production of their offerings so they can maintain their healthy ingredients for longer. The company is also proud for their eco-friendly culture, since wtheye use 100% recyclable packaging materials.