Eleia: 3 new flavored olive oils

Eleia olive oil

Eleia, a Greek olive oil company from the Peloponnese, is about to launch three new olive oil offerings. Following the international trends and demand for flavored oil, the company plans to launch smoked olive oil, olive oil with caramelized sugar and olive oil with caramelized onion. These products are intended primarily for the Austrian market, where the specific demand has been created, but there are in fact plans to launch them in other countries, as well. After all, the company has suggested that flavored olive oils are a dynamically rising trend across borders, fueled by the rise of gourmet cooking.

The collaboration with Whole Foods
Furthermore, through its partnership with the US-based chain Whole Foods, which launched a few years ago, Eleia aims to further expand into the US market, which is nevertheless highly competitive and adheres to strict standards. At the same time, the Greek brand has developed a number of partnerships in Asia with a significant amount of exports being channeled to Germany. “In Europe, things are somewhat different. For instance, in Germany, where many olive oil companies export their products and access is easier, they constantly want us to lower our prices,” explain Eleia executives.