2nd International Olive Conference

2nd International Olive Center Coference

Olive oil is one of the main trade commodities that Greece is particularly proud of. Just think that the country is in third place regarding olive oil production, while 80% of its olive oil is of the finest, extra virgin quality.

No wonder Greece plays host to a number of olive oil related events, even during a global pandemic. Case in point, the 2nd International Olive Conference hosted by Krinos Olive Center at Perrotis College —located in Thessaloniki, northern Greece— and entitled “Olive Sector: Searching for Innovation – Discovering New Trends”. The Conference will be held on June 03 and 04, 2021 and will focus on the following topics: Best agricultural management practices; Sensory evaluation on olive oil and table olives – Legislation and marketing trends; The olive sector as a tool for rural development; Nutritional and health aspects of olive products; Waste management and bio-economy; IT use for sustainable production and novel tools of traceability; Marketing of olive products: exports branding and e-commerce.

Keynote speakers from around the world will include experts from both the academic and business sector and they will provide an overview that includes recent innovations and future trends in the world of olive oils. Farmers, academics, scientists, and businessmen, representing every stage of olive oil production, will have the opportunity to meet online and discuss the present and future of olive oil in these challenging times.

For more information, visit the Conference website.