Greek food exports grow in 2019

Greek food exports

According to the latest report by the Greek Exporters’ Association (SEVE) which analyzed data given by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Greek exports showed marginal increase during the first eleven months of 2019. Specifically, for the period from January to November 2019, exports amounted to €30,902.2 million, slightly, in other words, increased by €23.2 million (0.1%) compared to the same period of 2018.

Foodstuff exports have played a particularly positive role in that respect. Namely, food exports were up by €147.2 million (3.5%) in comparison with the same eleven-month period in 2018, during which Greek food exports amounted to €4,216.9 million.

With regard to export destinations, the situation remains unchanged compared to the previous months, since EU countries account for approximately 68.3% (reduced to 56.2% when mineral oils are taken together) of Greek exports, while third countries account for the rest 31.7% (43.8% when mineral oils are included).