Idiston: Refreshing lemonade with lime and Chios Mastiha

Idiston Lemonade

Idiston, a company offering handmade traditional products, without preservatives and colorings, has been operating in Athens, Greece for 22 years now. Suitable for families with children, with few calories for people who are interested in healthy eating and for lovers of traditional food either sweet or savory, Idiston has been offering a comprehensive range of spreads, chutneys, beverages, marmalades and spoon sweets, each and every one of them inspired by Greek tradition and the unique produce of the Greek land.

One of the brand’s latest products is a refreshingly delicious, concentrated lemonade with lime and infused with Chios Mastiha (mastic). It only has a few calories and its packaging (750ml bottles) is ideal for restaurants and the foodservice, in general. The product is pasteurized, so it can be stored outside of the fridge for 24 months, while you can dilute it with water or sparkling water to make a fresh, healthy beverage or you can just use it as part of a signature cocktail.

Of course, in true Idiston spirit, it contains no artificial colorings, no preservatives and no added sugars.