Stevia Hellas: Sustainability program starting officially in September

Stevia Hellas - Sustainability

Stevia Hellas is shifting towards sustainable development by launching the Sustainability for All program. The program, which has already been partly implemented by the cooperative, is expected to officially start this September, with a commitment to achieve all its goals by 2030. The program was designed with the well-being of the cooperative’s producers and the society in mind, with the aim of helping producers, suppliers and customers make more sustainable and responsible choices and as a result conserve natural resources and produce healthy products. In fact, the cooperative has already set measurable targets for its success, emphasizing that its effectiveness will set an example for other cooperatives and companies. Namely, Stevia Hellas already implements sustainable development principles and will gradually fulfill 15 of the 17 SDG Goals, with the main objective to raise consumer and producer awareness towards the environment and turn the focus to more sustainable options.
“Our cooperative has provided 40 families in the region with the means to shift towards the cultivation of stevia, a healthy product which requires much less natural resources for its cultivation,” states Mr Christos Stamatis, CEO of the coop.

About Stevia Hellas

Stevia Hellas Coop is Europe’s leading large-scale stevia cultivator providing the world with top-quality and taste stevia products. They are a multi-award winning, innovative agricultural cooperative based in Central Greece.
Stevia Hellas Coop was established in 2011 and now consists of a team of 50 cultivators, management and sales representatives and highly-trained agronomists, all sharing a passion for sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition.
The Coop’s commitment is to provide the best quality materials for industries and top end-products for the retail/wholesale market and consumers. Their 100% European products meet high quality standards with stable taste and quality that fulfill the unique needs of Food & Beverage industries all over the world. They are a values-driven team of people who are making the right ethical choices in producing, sourcing and preparing food ingredients that can make positive social, economic and ecological impacts, while helping industries grow better products and consumers live a balanced and healthy life.