Nuts about Cocoa, mixed nuts butter from Kiss the Earth

Nuts about Cocoa Butter

Nuts about Cocoa is an exceptional butter created by Kiss the Earth, made with roasted and ground peanuts and hazelnuts which is then mixed with raw cocoa and thyme honey from the island of Chios. It is a healthy spread with no sugar whatsoever and a strong cocoa flavor.

About Kiss the Earth

Kiss the Earth was founded in the island of Chios, Greece, in the summer 2017 by Kosta and Teo, who thought of combining their love for natural products with their love for exercise and training. Thus, they decided to create products, such as unique and healthy butters, tahini and energy bars, that would be some kind of fuel for active people.
All of the Kiss the Earth products are born by selecting the best nuts, roasting and grinding them without additives, sugar, salt or palm oil. That way they get to keep their nutritional value.