Organic sundried tomato paste by Liasto

organic sundried tomato paste

It seems that people all across the world are in the mood for new flavors and textures. The organic sundried tomato paste by Liasto is a brand-new product, developed at the beginning of the new year. Sundried tomato paste can be easily incorporated into recipes –from the simplest use as a dip, as spread in a sandwich or as a flavor enhancer in cooked foods, pasta, omelets, etc.

The brand’s organic sundried tomato paste is made from Greek organic sundried tomatoes and Greek extra virgin olive oil. Organic tomatoes, while usually smaller in size, have, according to research, a higher content of vitamin C and other antioxidants, due to the fact that they have to weather the natural elements without any fertilizers and “help” from the producers. Drying of the tomatoes takes place in the company’s facilities in the mountain village of Kyrtoni in Fthiotis at an altitude of 600m, while the ISO 22000:2005 certification for both conventional and organic sundried tomatoes guarantees the safety and high quality standards of the final product!

Liasto’s sundried tomato paste contain no sulphites, no preservatives or other enhancer, only natural ingredients from the Greek land.