Plant-based brand Nafsika’s Garden to expand in the Middle East

Nafsika's Garden plant based products

Plant-based cheese company Nafsika’s Garden is looking to expand to the Middle Eastern market, taking advantage of the home-cooking and vegan trends in the region.

Nafsika’s Garden is a Canadian based brand, but all its vegan products are made in Greece and namely on the island of Crete. The Greek-Canadian company by Ms Nafsika Antypas, headed started its international expansion efforts about a year ago and has since been exporting to the US, Europe (Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Malta) and recently to the UAE.

Nafsika’s Garden is offering consumers more than 20 different vegan cheese options and many formats (blocks, slices, grated, etc.). Its plant-based cheeses are based on coconut oil and contain absolutely no dairy, nuts, peas, gluten, soy or palm oil, making them allergen-free. The brand is also trying to use Non-GMO ingredients.

In the near future, the brand is also looking to expand in Asia, with India, Hong Kong and China as its main target-markets, Sweden, the UK as well as South America.