Saristi Iced Herbal Tea Mixers

Saristi Iced Herbal Tea Mixes

Saristi, the Greek luxury herbal tea brand, presents a trio of Iced Herbal Tea Mixers –one for every occasion and mood:
Dayafter: Α smooth combination of ginger, mint, and a hint of mellow coriander are combined with the freshness of lemon juice, the zest of ginger and natural grape juice sweetness. A detox mix, ideal for the… day after.
Summerlove: Bittersweet flavors from red pepper flakes, vanilla, cocoa and yerba mate coupled with the fresh taste of lemon juice and natural grape juice sweetness!
Vitalift: A rich, uplifting feeling from cinnamon, tart hibiscus and a crisp aroma of rosemary, balanced with lemon juice, a hint of orange zest and natural grape juice sweetness to invigorate even the dullest disposition.

About Saristi

Fed up with chronic belly pain and discomfort yet determined to stay away from big pharma, Aristi, the brand’s founder, sought the help of a botanist whose philosophy matched hers. The botanist created a tailor-made herbal blend which worked miracles! It was then that Aristi fell in love with nature’s herbal gifts and knew that her mission would be to share what worked so well for her. And so, the concept of Saristi was born: an all-natural, highly functional, playful line of herbs and teas.
The company’s mission is to share the healing power of plants through a modern and colourful experience that complements the consumer’s daily needs. Its values, like the herbs and teas it markets, boil down to creating a sustainable relationship between human wellness and nature’s bountiful healing gifts.