F&B exports: Steady growth to Germany and Italy

greek export growth to germany and italy

High shares and good growth rates in Greek F&B exports maintain the country’s familiar trump cards, such as olive oil, feta cheese, fish and compotes. At the same time, international sales of “Made in Greece” bakery and pastry products are evolving rapidly. In the meantime, Greek food exports to its “traditional” markets, such as Germany and Italy, are showing steady growth, with positive outlook for new markets.
The above-mentioned conclusions come from a survey carried out by Global Greece, which put under the microscope 30 of the most important exportable Greek F&B products, both in terms of quantities and prospects, based on the growth of their exports over the last five years.
According to the survey, food and beverages amount to 16% of total Greek exports, a percentage that goes up to 24% when petroleum sales are excluded.
In terms of quantity, the top ten Greek foodstuffs exported over the last five years are: extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish, vegetable preparations, olives, feta cheese and compotes, followed by citrus fruit, grapes, yogurt and apricots-peaches-cherries. The biggest improvement in exports was in fresh olives (+110.19% five-year average compared to 2018), frozen vegetable preparations (+65.63%), refined olive oil (+57.63%), fish fillets (+44.9), honey (+43.07%), saffron or crocus (+42.17%), bakery products (+36.9%), sheep meat (+28.85%), and meat preparations and sausages (+26.62%).