The biggest portion of sauté mushrooms in one pan!

Mushroom Fest

The fourth annual Mushroom Fest that took place last month in Spilia, Cyprus held a small surprise for the visitors: the organizing team had set up a huge pan (4-meter in diameter), in which an imposing 1210 kg of mushrooms were sautéed and then consumed by the exhilarated participants of the fest.

The mushrooms were given by Kyriakides, the mushroom company who has been cultivating and trading mushrooms since 1979, and its expertise is unquestionable: in 1984, Kyriakides Mushrooms pioneered in being one of the very first mushroom farms in the world to install an automated computer system to improve the control capabilities of the climate inside the growing rooms.

As for the products, besides the famous white ones, the brand also produces Portobello, Oyster, Shiitake, Portobellini mushrooms and a plethora of other delicious gourmet mushrooms, found in supermarkets and restaurants all over Cyprus, and selected destinations abroad.