Trata: Three New International Awards

KONVA SA - Tuna Salad Pocket awarded

Innovation is one of the ways a major company has, in order to stay relevant in a constantly changing environment, both commercially and socially. Konva SA has embraced innovation, especially during the last few years, presenting products that resonate with modern living and consumer demands.

Under this light, it makes total sense that the company received three new international Superior Taste Awards from the jury of the International Taste Institute for the Trata brand.

The new awards were given for the new innovative products in Trata Pocket packaging, Pocket with salmon and Pocket with tuna and legumes. “We thank the jury of the international institute for the special recognition and reward and declare that we will continue our efforts to collect even more distinctions and recognitions,” was the statement of company’s officials.

About Konva SA

Konva SA is one of the biggest fish companies in Greece, owner of two highly trusted and historical brands in the Greek food market, Trata and Flokos. Today, KONVA is led by the 3rd generation, in a long history of over 90 years in trade and production