TasteAtlas: The Greek Cuisine ranks 2nd in the World


TasteAtlas, the famous online encyclopedia of flavors, traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants, gives us every year the ranking of the best cuisines in the world, arousing excitement but also major controversies among users about the validity of the results. Nonetheless, every year, everyone is expecting to find out who is who on the biggest -among foodies, at least- culinary list worldwide.

For 2023/2024, the TasteAtlas rankings of the best cuisines, dishes, food cities, food products, and ingredients, as well as lists of legendary restaurants and cookbooks, have been published.

A total of 395,205 (271,819 valid) dish ratings, and 115,660 (80,863 valid) food product ratings have been recorded.

Based on these ratings, the top 50 food items for each cuisine were extracted, and the best-rated cuisines in the world were ranked according to the average ratings of the best-rated dishes and food products of each country. Italy and Japan recorded the same average rating (4,65), but Italy has taken first place again this year due to a higher rating of its best-rated dish – pizza. The third best-rated cuisine is Greek with just 0,01 difference (4,64).

Entire list: www.tasteatlas.com/best/cuisines

The Dishes

Based on the average user ratings for dishes, a list of the top 100 dishes in the world has also been published. The best-rated dish for 2023 is the Brazilian meat cut Picanha, followed by Malaysian bread Roti Canai and Thai stir fry Phat Kaphrao. We meet the first Greek dish, Dakos salad, in #17, followed by Paidakia (#26), Giouvetsi (#64), Gyros (#69), Kokoretsi (#79), Kleftiko (#90) and Souvlaki (#95)

Entire list: www.tasteatlas.com/best/dishes

The Cheeses

From 1,378 cataloged cheeses and 36,551 recorded user ratings (24,296 valid), Parmigiano Reggiano has been declared the best cheese in the world again this year. It is followed by two more Italian cheeses, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana and Strecchino. Graviera Naxou occupies the 4th place, followed by Melichloro (#14), Graviera Kritis (#23), Krasotyri (#31), Kalathaki Limnou (#32), Kefalograviera (#41), Kefalotyri (#46), Arseniko Naxou (#51), Anthotyro (#55), Metsovone (#56), Mastelo Cheese (#67), Ladotyri Mutilinis (#71), Formaella Arachovas Parnassou (#74), Graviera Agrafon (#78), Myzithra (#80), Kasseri (#82), San Michali (#83), Feta (#88), (#99)

Entire list: www.tasteatlas.com/best/cheeses

In addition to these rankings, lists of the best food cities, best food regions, dishes and food products by category, as well as lists of the most legendary restaurants and cookbooks have been published.

You can view the entire Awards here: www.tasteatlas.com/best/