50 Great Greek Wines

Great Greek Wines

The Top 50 List for 2023, as rated by a prestigious judging panel, along with the 50 GGW- Hall of Fame, awarded to two excellent Greek wines.

The end of the third edition of the 50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW) competition brought a sense of accomplishment for another successful wine list. With a record-breaking 201 wineries from Greece and Cyprus and 609 wines participating, far more than last year, this year’s event, that took place at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in the presence of Mr. Dimitris Fragkakis, the secretary general of the ΗTΟ (Hellenic Tourism Organisation, EOT) was a great success, continuing to establish itself as a prestigious showcase of the best Greek wine has to offer.

As every year, 50 GGW assembled a prestigious judging panel. The judges’ board includes Julia Harding MW (Senior Editor and Writer at JancisRobinson.com), Μark Andrew MW (co-founder of Noble Rot Magazine & Restaurants), Lenka Sedlackova MW (Senior Brand Manager at Bancroft), Wojciech Bońkowski MW (Wine Writer), Caro Maurer MW (Journalist and Wine Educator), Demetri Walters MW (Wine Consultant), and Christophe Heynen MW (Serial Entrepreneur in the Wine Industry).

The wines honored with a place in the list of 50 Great Greek Wines are expected to successfully represent Greece in the international markets. It is noted that for the first time prizes were also awarded to the winners of the individual categories.

There was a special distinction for the two wines that were awarded in all three 50 GGW so far.

The 50 Great Greek Wines – Hall of Fame were awarded to Argyros Cuvee Evdemon Estate and Lyraraki Dafni Winery. To be noted that the presentation of the list is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek Wine Industry.

The Full list

  1. Gaia Wines, ”Ammonite” 2020, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  2. Troupis Winery, ”Pitys Ritinitis” 2021, Assyrtiko, Peloponnese
  3. Gentilini Winery & Vineyards, ”Iri’s Vineyard” 2021, Mavrodaphne, Cephalonia
  4. Lyrarakis Wines, ”Dafni Psarades” 2021, Crete
  5. Akritos Oinos, ”Adrestea” 2020, Chidiriotiko, Lesvos
  6. Lafazanis Winery, ”Geometria” 2021, Agiorgitiko, Peloponnese
  7. Argyros Estate, ”Cuvée Monsignori” 2019, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  8. Diamantakis Winery, ”Petali” 2019, Liatiko, Crete
  9. Alpha Estate, ”Ecosystem Xinomavro Reserve Vieilles Vignes Single Block Barba Yannis” 2018, Xinomavro, Amyndeo
  10. Ktima Zafeiraki, Limniona 2019, Tyrnavos
  11. Oenops Wines, Xinomavro 2020, Greece
  12. Artemis Karamolegos Winery, ”34” 2019, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  13. Strataridakis Winery, Moschato Spinas 2021, Crete
  14. Gavalas Winery, ”Enalia” 2018, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  15. Kokotos Estate, Kokotos Estate 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Attica
  16. Artemis Karamolegos Winery, Nykteri 2018, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  17. Artemis Karamolegos Winery, ”Pyritis” 2019, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  18. Troupis Winery, ”Route Gris” 2021, Moschofilero, Peloponnese
  19. Amargiotakis Winery, Thrapsathiri 2020, Crete
  20. Oenops Wines, Limniona 2020, Greece
  21. Artemis Karamolegos Winery, ”34” 2020, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  22. Argyros Estate, ”Cuvée Evdemon” 2018, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  23. Alexakis, Kotsifali 2019, Crete
  24. Tiniakoi Ampelones, ”Clos Stegasta” 2020, Assyrtiko, Tinos
  25. Avantis Estate, ”Collection” 2017, Syrah, Evia
  26. Wine Art Estate, ”Idisma Drios Xi” 2017, Xinomavro, Macedonia
  27. Kir Yianni, ”Ramnista” 2017, Xinomavro, Naoussa
  28. Argyros Estate, ”Cuvée Evdemon” 2019, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  29. Noema, ”Invicta” 2019, Xinomavro, Amyndeo
  30. Spanoudis Winery, ”Ventum” 2019, Xinomavro/Merlot, Paiko
  31. Theopetra Estate, Limniona 2018, Meteora
  32. Manolesakis Winery, ”Pelagia” 2018, Pinot Noir/Agiorgitiko, Macedonia
  33. Argyros Estate, ”Cuvée Nykteri” 2018, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  34. Athanasiou Winery, ”Thronos” 2020, Agiorgitiko, Nemea
  35. Tiniakoi Ampelones, ”Clos Stegasta” Mavrotragano 2019, Tinos
  36. Kir Yianni, ”Diaporos” 2017, Xinomavro/Syrah, Imathia
  37. Terrasea Winery – Mikra Thira , ”Terrasea” 2020, Assyrtiko/Aidani, Santorini
  38. Ktima Zafeiraki, ”Terracotta” 2020, Limniona, Tyrnavos
  39. Dougos Winery, Rapsani Old Vines 2018, Xinomavro blend, Rapsani
  40. Ktima Gerovassiliou, Chardonnay 2020, Epanomi
  41. Tetramythos Winery, ”Laurier Noir Nature” 2020, Mavrodaphne, Peloponnese
  42. Volcanic Slopes Vineyard, ”Pure” 2018, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  43. Domaine Sigalas, Mavrotragano 2020, Cyclades
  44. Sant’Or, Santameriana Skin Contact 2021, Peloponnese
  45. Douloufakis Winery, ”Dafnios” 2016, Vidiano, Crete
  46. Domaine Sigalas, ”Kavalieros” 2020, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  47. Sarris, ”Panochori Old Vines” 2021, Robola, Cephalonia
  48. Gavalas Winery, ”Natural Ferment” 2020, Assyrtiko, Santorini
  49. Dougos Winery, ”Meth’ Imon L” 2020, Limniona, Thessaly
  50. Domaine Paterianakis, Vidiano 2020, Crete & Terrasea Winery – Mikra Thira, Santorini 2020, Assyrtiko/Aidani, Santorini

Results were announced during the Awards Ceremony at Grand Resort Lagonissi on October 20th 2023.