AGROKNOW HUB: A center for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Agroknow Hub

The Agricultural University of Athens is creating a Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub in the Agri-Food Sector under the name “AGROKNOW HUB”, which will be funded by the Region of Attica.

The relevant decision was signed online on Tuesday June 15, 2021, by the Governor of Attica, Mr George Patoulis, following the positive evaluation of the proposal, which was submitted under the ATT 100 call entitled “Development of Infrastructures and Structures in critical areas and sectors of Research and Innovation in line with the implementation of RIS3 of the Region of Attica”.

The online signing event was attended by the Dean of the Agricultural University, Mr Spyros Kintzios, as well as representatives from 13 other Academic and Research Institutions of the Region. The funding for the hub amounts to €1,000,000.

Upgrading the primary sector

The aim of the AGROKNOW HUB is to promote the optimisation of the production of agricultural, livestock, aquaculture, and fisheries products at regional, national and international level by highlighting their quality and developing a central strategy, which will be a trust seal for buyers and consumers across the world.

The proposed research infrastructure will bring together scientists, managers, young researchers, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, and other professionals working in different disciplines, to achieve the best results. It will also introduce a new perspective on research, with the holistic involvement of agri-food stakeholders such as researchers, consultants, agribusinesses, farmers, suppliers, logistics companies, policy makers, and consumers.

All the above will be achieved with the use of Active Laboratories / Living Labs in developing research questions and hypotheses, testing the validity and reliability of various research tools, and transforming research results into consistent, comprehensive new knowledge for all stakeholders, researchers and interested parties.

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