Anassa Iced: The refreshing herbal tea sachets

Anassa Iced: The refreshing herbal tea sachets

Αnassa Organics, a company specializing in high quality herbal teas and tisanes from Greek organic herbs, full of beneficial properties, fresh, natural fragrances and seductive flavors, has just launched a unique suggestion for the summer: Anassa Iced. In a collectible package, five flavors of Anassa’s wonderful tisanes can be enjoyed iced. Pleasing and aromatic, moisturizing, detoxifying. No remorse whatsoever.
The package offers ten sachets, two of each flavor, with quality Greek organic herbs. Instructions and brilliant ideas for making cool and unique drinks also included.

The 5 distinct flavors of Anassa Iced are:

  • MOUNTAIN TEA A luscious unique flavour in this soothing aromatic organic Greek tea, rich in total polyphenols and plentiful antioxidants
  • LEMON VERBENA Savor the finest quality, enchanting aroma and incomparable flavor of Greek organic Verbena.
  • MINT Mentha X Pipertita Enjoy the characteristic aromatic fragrance of Greek Mint.
  • PURE HAPPINESS A unique blend of herbs complementing each other to provide a great tasting, uplifting beverage. Mountain tea, Lemon balm, Sage, Mint.
  • PURE FRESHNESS A combination blend of vibrant organic herbs, gathered from rich, fertile soils. Full potential of nature’s goodness, freshness and relaxation. Lemon Verbena and Mint

About Anassa Organics

Anassa means queen in ancient Greek but it was also an honorary title, which denoted something exceptional. The word has been redefined by the founders of Anassa Organics, Yanna Mathaiou and Aphroditi Florou, as referring to the sublime Greek earth, a land swarming with rare, exquisite flavours and aromas, blanched with sunlight and anointed with a soil of exceptional texture and substance.
Anassa Organics selects the finest quality Greek herbs from organic farming and farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land. The Anassa Organics products come with highly creative contemporary branding and unique, engaging presentation packs that turn preparation of aromatic herbal drinks into a ritual.