Athens Coffee Festival 2023 set the industry’s pace for yet another year

Athens Coffee Festival 2023

Top coffee companies, masterclasses from top experts, unique blends at one of the most influential Coffee Festival in Europe, that took place in Athens the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September 2023.

The thousands of visitors who came at Technopolis the last day of the festival, confirmed in the best way possible the dynamics of the city’s top event for coffee. Top brands “united” for three days to highlight the present of the industry, but also to shape its future together. Visitors from every corner of the globe had the opportunity to try coffee varieties. Coffee accessories and coffee machines covered the needs of both professionals and home baristas, as well as the companies in the industry. Despite the fact that Monday, the last day of the festival, is a working day, the attendance was once again very impressive.

Nonetheless, what characterized the last day of the festival was the sealing of new collaborations. Monday is traditionally the day of agreements for professionals from all sectors, exhibitors and trade visitors alike, and this was confirmed at the Athens Coffee Festival 2023. The satisfaction of the exhibitors reflected on the record statements, which was the best reward for the entire organizing team that has been planning the festival for months. However, it was also a confirmation that the Athens Coffee Festival levels up every year to becoming an institution both for the promotion of the industry, as well as for the improvement of the final product and services to the consumer.

Coffee awards within the Athens Coffee Festival 2023

The 6th Panhellenic AeroPress Championship was held, organized by the coffee company Kudu Coffee Roasters, while  the Coffee Masterclasses received praise from the audience for the ingenuity and completeness of the topics.

During the 3rd day of the festival, the popular radio producer and DJ of Hit 88.9, Katerina Psimopoulou, kept the audience entertained with her dj set on the main stage of Technopolis, while many exhibitors won numerous coffee gifts through competitions held on the main stage.

Athens Coffee Festival has already set the next appointment with coffee lovers and coffee professionals for 2024.