Saturday, July 13, 2024
Italian F&B market - Interview Ambrosia Magazine

Italian Market: Key Target for Greek Expansion

Being the 8th strongest economy in the world and the 3rd in the Eurozone is not a position that comes easily, not does it happen by accident.
Alcohol: The Flavor Trends of the Future - Ambrosia Magazine

Alcohol: The Flavor Trends of the Future

Explore the future of alcohol with bold new flavors like Umami, Spicy Spark, and Tropical Takeover reshaping your favorite drinks.
FEFCO Summit May 2024 Ambrosia Magazine

FEFCO: Leading circularity Summit in Athens

The FEFCO Summit themed “Leading Circularity” convened over 250 participants in Athens, featuring high-level discussions on sustainability in the corrugated cardboard packaging industry, with key insights from political figures and industry leaders emphasizing the sector's crucial role in advancing eco-friendly packaging solutions and the importance of policy and innovation in driving circularity.