The Guardian dubs stifado “the best food in Greece”


The Guardian pays homage to one of the most popular Greek dishes, stifado. As the author of the feature piece that appeared a few days ago in the prestigious British publication, Susan Smillie, writes: “The best meal I ever had in Greece wasn’t mine. It was my friend Nic’s; I tried a mouthful and abandoned my plate for his kouneli stifado –rabbit stew, an unfussy Greek classic,” while vividly adding that “Its gently warming spices and balance of sweet and sour make it a favourite Sunday family meal, a comfort food to beat all others. These flavours will forever evoke Greece for me – particularly Greece in winter.”
In fact, she also mentions that the best side is french fries, pointing out that the stew does not appear often in tourist restaurants because “it takes time to cook well” and she insists that this particular dish –the rabbit stew with small onions cooked long and slow to mouth-watering perfection– “arrested” her senses.
To be honest, this is not the first time a food writer or a publication of international scope exalts Greek food. Yet, this is another example of how quality ingredients of the Greek land paired with traditional recipes can elevate even the simplest meal to new heights.

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