Coffee Business Forum 2021: One of the most important events in the coffee industry!

Coffee Business Forum 2021

The concerns of people in the coffee industry, innovations and new technologies in the field, as well as business and economic developments and everything that’s been happening in Greece and the world, will be the topics of discussion at the first Coffee Business Forum, which will open its digital “doors” on Friday 28 May 2021, through LiveOn, an integrated digital business communication technology created by ethosGROUP.
The Coffee Business Forum, titled “Coffee Shops after the Market Reopening”, aims to become one of the most important events for the coffee industry and, over time, establish itself as an institution that will challenge and develop new trends in the sector and the market, as well as a platform for meetings and discussions for professionals from Greece and abroad.
The conference is organized by ethosEVENTS in collaboration with portal and Coffe&brunch magazine and has issued an open invitation to all interested parties-people from the coffee industry, as well as to institutional organizations and government actors to discuss the new realities and share thoughts and ideas for the future, with a single objective in mind: the strengthening of the market and the coffee industry, which, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has undergone a dramatic transformation and suffered a heavy blow.

A broad agenda

The Forum’s agenda includes specialised debates, speeches, and group panels on the state’s incentives and initiatives to strengthen the coffee industry and coffee businesses, the new operating protocol for coffee businesses, the post-pandemic new reality, and the future of businesses and suppliers in the coffee sector. For more details on the program of the Coffee Business Forum 2021

Workshops and B2B meetings

During the Coffee Business Forum 2021, participants will have the opportunity to attend a Closed (Digital) Workshop (duration of 1,5 to 2 hours) where executives from coffee businesses will meet with government officials and representatives of institutional organizations. Participation in the workshops will be free of charge for representatives of Conference Sponsors (Distinguished Corporate Participation, Bronze, Silver, Gold Sponsors) according to the benefits of their chosen sponsorship program.
In addition, participants will have the option to take part in scheduled digital B2B meetings with the attendees of the Conference, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes, in the secure and private environment of LiveOn. The meetings will be organized in parallel with the works of the main forum, taking into account the availability of the Sponsors’ Executives.
The main objective of the Β2Β meetings is to offer reliable and accurate information by professionals of the coffee sector as well as to create invaluable networking opportunities.