Elviart: Investing in dough production equipment

Elviart dough production

Elviart, one of the leading pita production companies in Greece, showed increased financial performance during 2018, as evidenced by the financial statements published by the company.

It is worth noting that, during 2018, Elviart invested a total of €609,386, mainly related to additions to mechanical equipment (amounting to €512,446) at its facilities to enhance the production process of dough products. Regarding the company’s lending, Elviart converted a short-term loan of €1,700,000 with Piraeus Bank into a five-year 12-month grace period with a repayment obligation of 60 monthly installments. On December 31, 2018, the balance of the loan amounted to €1,546,200, of which €178,400 has to be paid within the current year.