EPSA zer0: New zero sugar soft drinks


In the last decade, zero sugar products are a huge trend, and an increasing number of brands provide sugar-free options, taking into consideration the consumers’ need to be able to choose the product that is closer to their nutritional habits.

In this light, the Greek soft drinks company EPSA just launched a new product line called zer0, consisting of 3 flavors: Lemonade (Λεμονάδα) zer0, Carbonated Orangeade (Πορτοκαλάδα με ανθρακικό) zer0 και Epsa (Έψα) Cola zer0.

According to the brand, these new soft drinks combine the distinctive, much loved EPSA taste in a low calorie version, while still being refreshing and delicious.

The new products come in two different packages (330ml tin bottles and 1.5L PET bottles), and are already available in the market.

About the brand

EPSA is a Greek soft drinks and refreshments company, located in the geographical area of Pelion (Central Greece). The company’s history begins in 1924, when the owners of EPSA, setting the goal to build a factory that produces soft drinks in the rich in lemon production region of Pelion, invited a German chemical engineer to assist with the process. The secret lemonade recipe that was created at the time is the same recipe used by the brand until today.
After many national and international taste awards, today the brand is on the shelves of Greece’s major retailers, it can be found anywhere in the country, even the most remote villages, and has as its trademark the engraved 232ml glass bottle, which is easily recognizable Greeks of any age. EPSA’s goal for the next years is to further develop its shares both in Greece and abroad.