Evia Figs: Delicious, nutritious and PDO

Evia Figs PDO

Dried figs from the island of Evia, and especially the delicious PDO Kimi Figs and Taxiarchis Figs, are already exported all over the world.

Figs, both fresh and dried, are considered a traditional agricultural product of Greece. Greece is the number one producer of dried figs in the EU, while most of the production is exported –mostly in standardized form. The importance of figs in Greek history is second only to that of the olive and the grape. In fact, fresh and dried figs were a staple in the diet of the ancient Athenians. Naturally, demand for dried figs depends directly on consumers’ eating habits. In addition, the momentum gathered by the Greek/Mediterranean diet as well as the high nutritional value of figs are factors that affect their demand in a positive way. Production of dried figs ranges around 4,000 tons, of which approximately 30 percent is produced in the region of Central Greece and more specifically in Evia (Kimi and Taxiarchis), where there exist organized fig orchards and approximately 10 dried fig companies (of varying capacity), while the contribution of the Agricultural Cooperatives of Kymi and Taxiarchis in the production, packaging, standardization, marketing, and export of the product is considered to be of prime importance.

A superior quality product

The famous dried figs of Kimi (a PDO* product) and Taxiarchis (also holding PDO status) are already exported to the EU and third country markets. The size of the Greek market is not expected to increase particularly in the coming years, which strengthens the prospect of expanding exports. Due to the competition of dried figs from Turkey, their promotion strategy is based on their superior quality.

Greek figs are especially tasty and of exceptional character. Dried figs –often filled with nuts– are very popular all around the world, but so are jams, pastes from figs, energy bars, fig chocolates, as well as fig molasses, making Greek companies invest in innovation in order to create exciting new flavors that will delight even the most discerning customer.

* Protected Designation of Origin