Students build digital shopping platform for farmers

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Five students from the University of the Aegean have created a digital platform, through which Greek farmers will be able to sell their products directly to the consumer, and at the same time helping consumers ensure the supply of fresh produce directly from the field, in just one “click”. Namely, the platform will give consumers the opportunity to buy fresh local products, by choosing either home delivery or collection directly from the producer’s point of sale (e.g. farm). This way producers will have greater exposure to a wider consumer audience, receiving sustainable/decent prices for their products, while the platform will also provide them with tailored data from their sales.

As a result, as its creators point out, the platform will support the Greek economy, will enhance contactless transactions (providing transparency and safety), and will contribute to reducing the waste of tons of food by offering it to social structures.

Although won’t premiere until the beginning of 2022, it has already piqued the interest of producers, consumers, as well as investors who have already declared themselves ready to finance the platform’s implementation and expansion.

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