Friesland Campina Hellas to make NOYNOY factory even bigger


Friesland Campina Hellas has recently announced that it intends to extend its NOYNOY factory in Patras, Greece, following an investment of €5 million. Construction of the new unit will start immediately and will be completed within 2019, a significant year for NOYNOY since it will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in the Greek market. The extension will help the company increase its production capacity to almost 50% and is just a part of the company’s long-term investment strategy. Mr Konstantinos Maggioros, CEO of Friesland Campina Hellas, stated on the subject: “2019 is a landmark year for Friesland Campina Hellas –Nounou celebrates 90 years in the Greek market. We are really happy that this important anniversary will be sealed with a new €5 million investment. By increasing our production capacity at 50%, we are ushering in a new era for the company.”