Golden Apple: Apple syrup, chutney & apple vinegar

Georgoulas Bros - Apple syrup, chutney & apple vinegar - Golden Apple

Since 1978, Georgoulas A. Bros SA, a family business in the beautiful Portaria in Pelion, is exclusively engaged in the production of traditional sweets and other related products. Following faithfully traditional recipes, the Golden Apple brand has created authentic handmade products made from selected fruit of the Greek land.

The company, which operates from 2,000 m2 ultramodern facilities, rhas managed to emove all the additives such as preservatives, glucose, pectin, perfumes, etc. from its sweets and jams while increasing the percentage of fruit to create high-value natural products.

Golden Apple has just launched several new and delicious offerings: a traditional apple syrup from apples of the Firiki variety (PDO Firiki Piliou is smaller and more elongated in respect to other varieties and has crisper and firmer flesh, while it has a juicy consistency and is sweet tasting with a strong fragrance), apple vinegar, and chutney in three flavors (fig, apple and gooseberry). Specifically, according to Mr Thanassis Georgoulas, Founder & CEO of the brand, “We launched the apple syrup at the end of 2019, while the chutneys and the apple vinegar were launched in early 2020.”