Kampos Chiou: New Sour Cherry Recipe

Kampos Chiou - Juice

A new sour cherry recipe is being launched on the domestic market, as well as abroad, by Kampos Chios. It is the sour cherry drink (“vissinada” in Greek), also available in the “λοw” series, featuring the classic taste of sour cherry, only sugar-free. According to the company, the development of the said code makes sense for the consumer, due to the trend for low-calorie products. The sour cherry drink is in the process of being placed in supermarket chains in Greece, while the first samples have already been sent to partners in all 16 countries in which Kampos Chios is present.

Monitoring the progress of the market both in Greece and abroad, it is obvious that the engagement of consumers with the Kampos Chios brand is steadily increasing, according always with the company executives: while the points of sale have not increased, however, the rate of sales per point is rising. Kampos Chios advances with 23% in the first five months of 2023 in Greece, recording an “excellent sales course”. A similar dynamic is also noted abroad where sales have exceeded pre-pandemic levels and the company presents double-digit growth. The network of countries abroad is strengthened with China, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia and Singapore, while it is about to add two more Asian countries.

The investment planning of Kampos Chios is currently focused on the harmonization with the European Directive which requires the use of non-detachable caps in Tetra Pak packaging. In this context, the company will install the corresponding mechanical equipment within the year.