Kopanisti cheese from Mykonos on the menu of Nammos Dubai

Kopanisti Cheese in the menu of Nammos Dubai

Greek cheeses are having a moment in the international gastronomy scene. Everyone has tasted at some point the famous Feta, but now, lesser known yet equally delicious cheeses are also finding their way to the shelves of c-stores and the menus of restaurants across the world. Case in point: Kopanisti, a soft and spicy cheese from cow’s milk, and specifically Kopanisti produced from Mykonos Dairy, a family-run farm on the world-famous island of Mykonos. This exceptional cheese is now on the menu of Nammos Dubai, the Middle Eastern edition of the prominent Mykonian restaurant/hot spot, located at Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah beach.
“All these years, our constant collaboration with Nammos in Mykonos has been a passport for our products. Now, we have our cheese in Nammos Dubai, as well,” explains Mr Thodoris Koukas, owner of Myconos Dairy. “This cooperation has helped exports, and we are currently sending our cheeses to other restaurants in the UAE. Due to the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Greek market, we intend to further boost our exports in the near future.”

Mykonos Dairy

Mykonos Dairy is a traditional family-owned cow farm with a model cheese-making unit located in Ano Mera, in Mykonos. The facilities are state-of-the-art, combining traditional techniques with modern technology and are subject to specifications set by Greek and European legislation. Milk for the cheese comes exclusively from farm animals, while all cheese production stages are subject to strict health controls and hygiene rules, to ensure maximum quality and safety.

Nammos Dubai

In the original Nammos in Mykonos, celebrities from all over the world regularly swan in, eat lunch and party day-to-night by the beach. Nammos Dubai at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, with its private beach, terrace and restaurant, presents a brand-new gastronomic experience that intends to redefine luxurious entertainment in the United Arab Emirates. All elements that make Nammos Mykonos the top destination for bon-vivants are also there; signature dishes, the most extravagant wine and champagne labels and Mykonian verve, plus a lavish touch of Eastern elegance. In addition, true to the Greek provenance, the menu exudes a lightness of touch that is distinctly Mediterranean.