Violanta: New plant in Larissa and a €14 million investment

Violanta Investment

Violanta, one of the fastest-developing cookie brands in Greece, is implementing a three-year investment plan amounting to €14 million. The scheme includes the expansion of the buildings and the mechanical installations with new production lines in both the company’s units in Trikala, as well as the creation of a new factory in Larissa. As far as it concerns the latter project, construction is expected to start by the end of the year and to be completed at the beginning of 2022.
Regarding the general course of the company’s business this year, Mr Kostas Tziortziotis, CEO of Violanda, stated that during these nine months there was a double digit annual growth rates (at +10%), since the COVID-19 pandemic only affected its turnover growth rates.
Mr Tziortziotis also added that Violanda’s business policy is to constantly expand its portfolio with innovative, quality, and nutritious products.

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