Korpi: New, non-removable cap in its plastic packaging

Korpi New Packaging

Korpi® Natural Mineral Water makes an important move towards sustainability in the category of natural mineral waters in Greece, replacing the lids with non-detachable ones, in all PET packaging.

With this move, Korpi®, respecting the environment, adopts much earlier the European Directive for the reduction of single-use plastics (SUP), which is officially implemented in 2024. The application of non-removable lids aims to reduce waste material that is lost daily in nature and to ensure that this waste is systematically collected and recycled.

The non-detachable cap is made of PE material, it is practical and easy to use for both young and older people. It is just as durable as the previous one, offering the same experience when opening and closing the bottle. In addition, the fact that it remains attached to the bottle, facilitates the recycling of the entire packaging and helps to reduce waste.

The transition to the new non-removable lids has already started. Today, most of the packaging is being produced with non-removable lids and the full transition is expected to be completed gradually.

Dimitris Hanioglou, Head of the Nestlé Waters Greece Department, stated: “We are very proud of this change in all Korpi® PET packaging, respecting the environment and the European Legislation for non-removable caps. Leveraging our momentum and know-how, we will continue our relentless efforts in offering sustainable solutions, strengthening the circular economy and reducing plastic pollution.”

On Korpi® Natural Mineral Water

Originating from the Akarnan Mountains, Natural Mineral Water Korpi® holds a precious secret: its very origin, an environment which is particularly rich in water resources and well protected, far from industrial activity. Due to the water’s journey through the earth and its natural mineral composition and low salt content, it has a balanced taste and is also suitable for a low sodium diet. Moreover, quality and safety are its main priorities. The Korpi Natural Mineral Water plant, which operates in Monastiraki, Etoloakarnania (Western Greece), was the 1st of all water plants in Greece and one of the first Nestlé in the world to receive the AWS international certification (Alliance for Water Stewardship), which certifies the efficient operation of the plant and the proper management of the water resources.

According to the company, Korpi Natural Mineral Water®, fully aligned with its vision and commitments worldwide, pioneers and aims to offer sustainable solutions for its product packaging. Within this frame, the brand launched the first code of 50% recycled rPET plastic in the bottle & 50% rPE in the film, creating the first package of Natural Mineral Water with such a high content of recycled plastic in the Greek market.