Messino: Rosé Balsamic Cream


Messino presents the new rosé balsamic cream, inspired by rosé wine. The new product contains rosé balsamic vinegar and concentrated grape must, resulting from the blending of white and red wine with its classic balsamic sweet and sour taste.

The brand has already created the classic balsamic cream, faithfully following the traditional family recipe of many years and having as a basis the traditional balsamic vinegar of the family’s own production. This special cream comes from mixing aged Messino balsamic with concentrated grape must.

Like all Messino’s balsamic creams, the brand new rosé does not contain added flavors and sugar, is gluten-free and ideal for a vegan/vegetarian diet.

About the company

Papadeas Messino is primarily an export business, present in more than 25 countries through two main categories, bulk and bottled product exports. A large volume of production is exported in barrels, which end up in companies in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland. The exports of bottled product under the Messino brand are expanding to growingly more destinations, Central Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia currently being the main markets. A perennial goal for the company is to consolidate the brand in the USA and Canada and to expand the clientele in these countries.