N. Kolionasios Co creates vegan, sugar-free baklava

N. Kolionasios, vegan baklava

N. Kolionasios Co or better known to its international clientele by the brand names “Kolionasios Baklava Gold” and “Athena Sweet Athena”, is a family-owned producer of baklava from Ioannina, in the region of Epirus in Greece. The company produces the delightful sweet for 30 years now, focusing on prime quality ingredients and maximum convenience packaging, to fit the nutritional and lifestyle needs of a modern, international customer.

In fact, their handmade baklava is currently exported to Canada, France, Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, and the US, while they currently produce close to 2 million baklava rolls per year for the private label products of over 20 clients in Greece and abroad. That is why, N. Kolionasios decided to promote its latest offering, a vegan, sugar-free baklava, in this year’s PLMA international trade show in Amsterdam. It is called “Garden of Eden”, comes in three flavors (maple and ginger, fig and apple, and vanilla and coffee) and for its production the company has forsaken saltogether ugar and butter and replaced them with organic agave syrup and extra virgin olive oil, respectively.