Nougat with real yogurt from Candia Nuts

Nougat with real yoghurt

Candia Nuts, a family business from Herakleion, Crete, is one of the leading snack producing companies in Greece, and has managed to constantly expand its business not only in Greece but also internationally, thanks to its top-tier quality and innovative, delicious “nutty” offerings –produced and packed in state of the art facilities, and certified though the most demanding quality assurance standards.

Since 1992, Candia Nuts has managed to expand in several markets serving both high end as well as mainstream grocery retailers, while products include both their own brand as well as private label projects.

The brand’s latest, original product is a healthy and utterly tasty snack, a nougat bar filled with authentic Greek yogurt. Greek Soft Nougat bar comes in four exceptional flavors: cranberry – almond, blueberry – almond, pistachio – Mastic, and Pecan nuts – caramel.