Palirria: A new factory in Jordan

Konstantinos Souliotis, President & CEO of Palirria

Palirria-Souliotis SA (the kings of dolma and other Greek ready-made food) intends to inaugurate a new food production unit in Jordan, due to the high demand of the company’s products, and especially its dolma, in the Middle East. In fact, Saudi Arabia holds second place –with about 20%– in Palirria’s exports. Construction of the new factory in Jordan is expected to start within the following months, financed through equity, while the acquisition of 36% of the share capital by VNK Capital will play a decisive role to the further development of the company.

With this new “alliance”, Palirria seeks further development of its already strong export activity. Using innovative strategies and original funding schemes, VNK Capital aims to create added value for companies in which it invests, and help them grow within Greece, as well as, mainly, in international markets.