Provil strengthens production with €5 mil. investment


A €4.4 million investment plan was implemented by Provil, one of the major food production companies in Greece, catering to the foodservice as well as retail market. At the same time, “The completed investment concerned the addition of mechanical equipment and the creation of new warehouses,” notes Mr Christos Vogiannou, CEO of the brand. “
The one we are about to implement will focus on increasing our production capacity in order to introduce new products to the market in the near future. This investment will be completed within three years. We are looking to expand our sauce offerings.”
Gradually, the company based in Thessaloniki, which started with food ingredients such as food flavorings or ingredient mixes for the F&B industry, is evolving into a company providing products such as spice blends, broths, sauces, dressings, etc. for the foodservice sector.
In recent years ,Provil has also entered the retail market with the “Cook at Home” range of food supplement products. Among the brand’s partners in the food industry are large companies, such as Nikas, Ifantis, Nitsiakos, Unismack, Arivia, Eurimac and many more.

Aiming to expand the brand abroad

“We have set ourselves the goal of expanding our brand to new markets. As for the year 2019, sales went up 20% in value,” stresses Mr Vogiannou. In fact, Provil exports approximately 10% of its turnover to 15 countries – its main export market is Russia as well as countries in the Middle East, such as Kuwait, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. “The Russians buy mostly sauces for shrimp or mussels saganaki. In addition, countries such as Egypt import mostly ingredients for the food industry, while in the Netherlands there is a demand for retail supplements, such as chutneys,” he concludes.