Xenia 2019: A new era for the hospitality industry!

Xenia 2019 Hospitality Trade Show

Xenia 2019, which took place in Athens, Greece from 23-25 November, is leading the way and proving to be the only reliable exhibition event for the development of Tourism in Greece. Featuring 550 significant exhibitors –the elite of the supply and construction market– and 32,000 quality trade visitors from 20,600 businesses, whose investment options determine the overall orientation of the Greek Tourism Industry, Xenia 2019 consolidated its premium nature by gathering the most dynamic and quality mix of exhibitors, hoteliers and tourism agents in modern Greece!

A trade show with international impact

Xenia is slowly but surely proving to be one of the places where hospitality professionals from all across the world are interacting, connecting and understanding the trends that will determine the future of the tourism industry.
Greek as well as international trade visitors and opinion makers attended the three-day event at the Metropolitan Expo, the largest and most modern exhibition center in Greece. There were thousands of business meetings conducted and a series of comprehensive special events held, with high-profile talks, panel discussions and conferences such as the 3rd International Hospitality Forum topping the list. This all contributed to a total of millions worth of hospitality industry business deals being signed.
Specifically, the Xenia 2019 event program reflected once again the modern trends dominating the hospitality industry. There were sessions on topics as diverse as Sales Channel Allocation, Customer Profile, Online Demand, Social Media and Reviews Management, as well as Hotel F&B and Direct Bookings –thus creating a conference program filled with fascinating content.

Industry leaders and institutional bodies attended the fair

Present at the event was Mr Alexandros Vassilikos, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, who stated that “The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels HCH is actively supporting the Greek hotelier, so as to help him be up-to-date with the facts and the challenges of today and to be able to continuously improve this product, as the global economy of hospitality requires alertness, information, innovation and continuous adaptation. The 3rd International Hospitality Forum takes place during the Xenia fair and at a time when our country is leaving the crisis behind and preparing for a new era of development. As a leading platform for dialogue and knowledge in the industry, it is actively contributing to the design of the strategic plan that will lead to new surpluses for Greek tourism and guarantee its long-term viability.”
The leading event for the hospitality sector also took place in the presence of the Tourism Minister, Mr Harry Theoharis, who remarked that “we must focus on knowledge in order to take Greek tourism forward. Now, we must all help in the effort to create a new model for tourism. What we need now is knowledge, information and new models of governance. The Greek government and the political leadership of the Ministry of Tourism will stand by the sector.”