Rhoeco, New Culinary Herbs Line

Rhoeco Herbs

A new series of herbs is added to the range of rhoeco products. The target group, this time, is people who love cooking and Mediterranean flavors.

The brand has created six organic, Greek cooking spices that will enhance the taste of any dish. The range includes oregano, thrombi, tarragon, red hot peppers, thyme and bay leaves, packaged in glass, reusable jars with imaginative labels, which will give a touch of Greece to culinary creations, while offering a culinary experience to taste connoisseurs.

It is noted that Rhoeco chooses to work exclusively with small-scale organic growers, ensuring that the herbs are free of chemicals and other harmful substances, while at the same time they are produced with the utmost respect for both the environment and the consumers. All production stages, from harvesting to drying and from grinding to sorting, are been done by hand, without the use of machinery, in order to preserve their original taste, their rich aromas and their vibrant color. With the launch of cooking products, Rhoeco, offers a new proposal for quality products to its customers in Greece and abroad, while providing a new high-quality selection to HO.RE.CA partners. The products are available online and soon in partner stores.