Roots Divino, the world’s first non-alcoholic vermouth

Roots Non alcoholic vermouth

Just recently, Roots launched for the first time and after 1.5 years of intensive R&D two new products: Roots Divino Bianco and Roots Divino Rosso, two non-alcoholic vermouths. This is the first time a Greek brand presents a significant innovation in the beverage sector, not only in Greece but internationally! Non-alcoholic spirits are a new trend, which in Greece is still at an early stage. Roots Divino is the world’s very first non-alcoholic vermouth in this segment.
Going back to the roots of ancient herbal remedies, Roots rediscover bitter orange, gentian, wormwood and thyme in a bittersweet Rosso non-alcoholic aperitif and a contemporary Bianc non-alcoholic aperitif from Greece. Roots Divino Bianco has aromas of thyme, rosemary and lemon, while Roots Divino Rosso is more bittersweet, with tarragon, gentian and bitter orange.
Roots is a Greek “family” of premium liqueurs (Roots Mastic, Roots Rakomelo, Roots Diktamo, Roots Kanela), based on old, traditional recipes. Roots liqueurs are handcrafted and based on age-old herbal remedies, made from 100% natural, native ingredients of Greece.”