Stigma, tsipouro with saffron from Tyrnavos Coop

Tyrnavos Coop - Stigma tsipouro

Tyrnavos Cooperative Winery & Distillery presents Stigma, a unique tsipouro from the Black Muscat of Tyrnavos variety, which is distilled in modern pot-stills, in order to perfectly highlight the aromatic character of the grape. The presence of saffron makes this tsipouro really special. Distinguished by its golden-yellow color, its spicy character courtesy of the saffron flower stamens, which after offering all their beneficial effects as well as their particular flavor, they remain in the bottle. Stigma has been awarded with a golden medal at the International Contest of Wines and Spirits in Thessaloniki.

About Tyrnavos Coop

Tyrnavos Cooperative Winery & Distillery has 466 members/growers active in the region of Tyrnavos. The total of the vines grown by the members are 8,259 acres. The quantities of the grapes processed annually by the winery are 10,000-13,000 tons, which account for 6,000 tons of wine, 400 tons of tsipouro and ouzo and 100-200 tons of concentrated must. The Coop employs 65 people, while it markets 60 brands of ouzo, tsipouro and wine.