Voreia: 6 new distinctions for the Siris Craft Brewery

Voreia Craft Beer Awards

Voreia craft beers continue their journey amassing awards and distinctions for their excellent aroma, texture and taste.

Siris’ Voreia craft beers are awarded once again both at European and local level, starting with the 2 Gold Awards at the Concours International de Lyon. With yet another distinction to follow, Voreia Imperial Porter was awarded at the Frankfurt International Beer Trophy. Last but not least, the awards continue, as at the Greek Beer Awards that took place on Monday 06/24, five more VOREIA recipes received an equal number of awards.

The Frankfurt International Beer Trophy is considered one of the largest European beer competitions, where renowned sommeliers and international judges decide through a blind tasting process. This year the competition attracted more than 700 beers from all over the world, with VOREIA Imperial Porter standing out with its unique appearance, aroma, texture and taste. Notes of Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla, cardamom, tonga fruit, 7-year aged rum and freshly roasted coffee traveled to Germany and secured Voreia another gold medal in the Porter category.

In the context of the Greek Beer Awards, Voreia also received 5 separate awards, in different categories:
* Gold Medal in the Barrel Aged category for the multi-awarded Voreia Stout Barrel Aged, which was also awarded as World’s Best Beer at the Lyon competition
* Silver Medal in the Stout category for VOREIA Stout
* Bronze Medal in the Pale Ale category for the brand new VOREIA Session Pale Ale which is expected to be launched
* Bronze Medal in the Wheat Beer category for Voreia Wit
* Bronze Medal in the Pale Lager category for VOREIA Lager.

The Greek Beer Awards event highlights breweries, microbreweries and beer companies through blind tasting of their products by renowned experts from abroad. Eighty labels from Greece and 7 other countries participated in this year’s awards.

The ongoing awards confirm that the love and passion of the Siris Craft Brewery team is also reflected in the VOREIA recipes. Beverage World is the exclusive distributor of VOREIA for Greece.