Corphes: Herbs Mixture Line

Corphes Herbs Line

Located in a mountainous land, an area with enormous biodiversity, Corphes is an ambitious herbs company based on a simple idea, set off around the uniqueness of the area’s amazing microclimate. The brand’s philosophy evolves based the natural way of cultivating the grounds and managing nature resources.

The company research has focused on two kinds of herb-teas, the “stachys-iva” and “sideritis raeseri”, and works closely with dedicated scientists to hand pick the best herbs and maintain the natural, mountain cultivation, while preserving endangered plant varieties.

  • The Herbs Mixture Line comprises of 4 blends:
  • Silence (lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, St. John’s wort)
  • Vital (mint, lemon verbena, rosehip, nettle)
  • Relief (pennyroyal, sage, tarragon, chamomile, rosemary)
  • Recovery (thyme, sage, mountain tea, mallow)

About Corphes

Corphes, based in Larissa (Central Greece), was created by two young men, Asterios Gkanas and Chrysovalantis Kogios and produces natural, high quality herbs, spices and herbal blends. The brand (Corphes) also collaborates with the organization “ELGO DIMITRA – Department of Pharmaceutical Aromatic Plants”, which, through strenuous and targeted research, produces and transfers knowledge about the development of plant production and local agicultural problems solution.