Creta Farms: En Elladi Nostimies New Products

Creta Farms - Gyros

Creta Farms enriches the En Elladi Nostimies series with two delicious new products: the Spicy Pork Gyros En Elladi and the Chicken Burgers En Elladi. Spicy Pork Gyros is made from pork, marinated with extra virgin olive oil, Cretan aromatic herbs and pepper, a mixture of spices that graces the final product with a particularly spicy taste.

The Creta Farms range is gluten-free and made without preservatives, while all products are very easy to prepare: being pre-cooked, Gyros En Elladi takes just 6-8 minutes and is ready to serve, either in its classic form combined with a pita, or in any other way you prefer.

Another addition to the frozen food options, enriching the En Elladi Nostimies range is the Chicken Burgers En Elladi 420g, also easy and quick to prepare, in just 6-8 minutes.

The new burgers are made from fine chicken meat, with extra virgin olive oil, without preservatives and are low in fat, but with a high protein content. That makes Chicken Burgers En Elladi an ideal suggestion for people who mind their diet or are looking for delicious, light meals, lower in fat. It is noted that all products of the series have a shelf life of 5 months, due to the deep freezing process.