FOOD EXPO Digital 2021 proves a successful experiment for the post-Covid 19 era

FOOD EXPO Digital 2021 Post Show

The last year and half have been particularly difficult for the trade show industry. In fact, no other incident in recent history –including 9/11 and the 2008 economic crisis– has had such a devastating effect on corporate events. As a result, most trade shows were forced either to cancel or offer digital versions to brands and buyers, thus creating new angles and opportunities to keep exhibitions relevant.
Following the above-mentioned digital model, FOOD EXPO has been rescheduled, reimagined, and reworked to fit the post-pandemic new normal as well as the industry’s commitment to bringing together consumers and businesses and creating networking and trade opportunities.

A successful new business model

FOOD EXPO Digital has been a resounding success. The numbers don’t lie: 600 exhibitors with over 5,158 high quality products, 4,161 scheduled B2B meetings, 2,767 chats, and 1,317 spontaneous meetings took place (of those, 4,100 were set up by international food & drink buyers) within the five days of the online trade show; 5,650 virtual business cards were exchanged between buyers and exhibitors, while 3,250 registered food traders –910 from all across the world– participated.
These numbers confirm the success of the digital exhibition and highlight FOOD EXPO’s leading role in the Food & Beverage market both in Greece and abroad.