Initiatives for the registration of Atherina boyeri from Lake Trichonida as PDO/PGI product

Atherina boyeri

Lake Trichonida is the largest lake in Greece and belongs to the European Ecological Network Natura 2000. At the same time, together with lake Lysimachia it constitutes a very important wetland with enormous bio-ecological and aesthetic value.

In Lake Trichonida, Atherina boyeri occupies a prominent position both ecologically and commercially. Atherina boyeri has been introduced to Lake Trichonida in an unknown geological period, from the sea through the river Acheloos. It has not encounted natural competitors and combined with the fact that it shows great adaptability, Atherina has taken the place of the pelagic planktivorous lake fish, creating populations of great abundance and reproductive self-sufficiency.

The active citizens network “Act Now” in the context of the priorities it has set for the protection and promotion of lake Trichonida, undertook the initiative to use the Greek and EU legislation in order to register Atherina boyeri as a PDO or PGI product and to organize the relevant file-application.

For this reason, the network addressed the University of Patras where the Associate Professor of Aquatic Ecosystems, Mr George Kechagias, welcomed the initiative with great enthusiasm and promised to undertake the scientific support and documentation of the relevant dossier.

Atherina boyeri of Lake Trichonida, as a registered PDO or PGI product, will give added value both to the product itself and to the wider region. Stay tuned for further developments.

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