Kousoulas Family: New Vegan Line

Kousoulas Olives

Kousoulas Family presented its new olive-based vegan range within the family’s brand, Kusulas Olives, at Eco Living Scandinavia & the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö, Sweden. The new products are 100% vegan and the olive content is 60%. According to the company, “we present a new healthy snack, osmotic olive, a product with a sweet light olive taste, fat-free, high protein (16.7%), sugar-free and preservative-free”.

The exports of Kusulas Olives for 2023 move at the same level in value as last year, with the difference that from the second half of 2023 there is a change in the offered packages. The company’s goal in 2023 was markets outside Europe. It already exports in two countries, Norway and Switzerland, and is now trying to enter Asian markets. Regarding investments, Kusulas Olives opts for building facilities and equipment, a plan that is currently being implemented.

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