Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin: limited edition bottle designed by Themis Z

Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin

Collaborations being in the brand’s DNA, Mataroa just announced the first of many. International designer Themis Zouganeli revisits the classic Mataroa packaging, creating an iconic, limited edition bottle, which will be available at the same price as Mataroa classic bottle, starting end of May 2022.

On the Bottle: White, gold, a touch of deep blue, and a symmetrical design inspired by the precious heritage of Greek clothing. The limited edition bottle is a designer’s object of desire, which encloses the same, unique blend of Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin.

Enjoy the gin, keep the bottle.

On Themis Z

THEMIS Z is a lifestyle brand that embodies the sophistication and fun part of resort living through unique patterns. Handcrafted meticulously at the brand’s atelier in Athens or by local artisans, both the homeware and the ready-to-wear collections are committed to refined elegance, Mediterranean joy and Greek craftsmanship.

On Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin

Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin is a sensory voyage along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Distilled and bottled in Greece, Mataroa Gin uses precious ingredients from the countries of the Mediterranean and makes a unique blend, befitting the centennial know-how of the Melissanidi Distillery that produces it. Twelve unique botanicals, herbs and spices make up the ingredient list. The tests of its secret recipe lasted more than 4 years, and the final result will undoubtedly get the credit of the most demanding gin lovers.