New paper packaging for Theoni natural mineral water

Theoni Natural Mineral Water

Enhancing its commitment to a sustainable future, as well as its actions for the protection of the environment, Theoni, the most awarded Greek water in the world, presents its new paper packaging. The innovative packaging is 100% recyclable, has an FSC international certification (from forests that grow instead of shrinking) and is carbon neutral, with zero carbon footprint. The distinctive green cap, a trademark of Theoni Natural Mineral Water, is also made from plant-based plastic.

Theoni’s paper packaging wraps the unique water of the Goura spring, in the Karditsa prefecture, which is distinguished for its pH 8 and holds 34 International Quality Awards, while it is already available in premium HORECA and supermarket outlets.

Mr Dimitris Tselios, President and CEO of Theoni, has stated that “With consistency and faith in our vision, we present our company’s most ambitious step to date and keep our promise to ‘invest’ in the environment, making a decisive contribution to sustainability.”