«For the last ten years, Greek products have been standing out for their quality and innovation, and seek to further penetrate global markets, promoting the productive wealth of the country to the world”, Agis Pistiolas, President of the Board of Directors of the ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ (HELLA-DIKA MAS) initiative, member of the Board of Directors and Head of Marketing and Exports of Agrino – EV. GE. PISTIOLAS S.A., said. Up until now, 70 Greek companies are included in the ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ initiative, mainly from the food sector.

Interview: Dimitra Manifava

How strong is the brand-name of Greece abroad?
Greece produces unique, innovative products that contribute to its outward-looking interaction. However, the exports sector is particularly demanding and needs to be continuously improving to achieve the best possible results.

What are the main pillars of ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ Intitiative?
Intervention in the public debate, synergies, and promotion of the “ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ” brand.

How do the initiative’s actions affect its members?
ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ has managed to have a solid presence in retail, through unprecedented joint promotion actions, with the participation of dozens of members. Moreover, it has partnered with the mobile app POCKEE, creating an exclusive loyalty program for consumers. On top of that, there have been B2B meetings held for the European and global markets, in constant cooperation with Enterprise Greece, and other partners. Synergies have also been made in foreign markets with a joint representative, integrated sales or distribution networks, as well as with the creation of an integrated “ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ” stand, through which many of our members participate in world exhibitions.    

What are the prospects for Greek food exports in the coming years?
It is important to boost exports, in order to further promote the extroversion of the Greek economy, as there is always room for improvement. The synergies between the companies that produce innovative products that can be competitive in the big, and particularly demanding foreign markets, play a key role. This can be achieved through the creation of integrated networks and structures for analysis, penetration and promotion in each target market, as the large investment required for this purpose is distributed to more than one businesses.